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What time is Lambada / Lambazouk danced on?

In an 8-count music phrase (in 4/4 signature time), the usual Lambada counts are ‘One Two Three…Five Six Seven’. BUT– and this is the tricky bit - there are two parts of most Zouk music that could qualify as ‘One’! Some people refer to this as ‘Dancing on One or Dancing on Three’, but this is not as clear-cut as say, Salsa with its option for dancing on One or Two with specific patterns for each. Some very accomplished Lambada dancers flip-flop between dancing on One to dancing on Three during one dance. There are no hard and fast rules about this, which gives the freedom to express refined musicality within each particular song. Another important point is that even though the feet do not usually step on counts Four and Eight, other parts of the body may move on those counts, especially the hips.


[ Please note: in the interest of clarity - ''Lambazouk'' is another name for the modern day ''Lambada'', and the two names are interchanged regularly by the industry's noted authorities. They have the same meaning and refer to the original Porto Seguro-style of Zouk Lambada. ''Brazilian Zouk'' typically refers to the Rio-style of Zouk Lambada. ]


Braz dos Santos is an internationally noted and respected authority on Brazilian Lambada. He is the Founder of the American Lambada Organisation, a sought after instructor at congresses and dance schools around the world, and a pioneer of the dance as an art form and discipline. The international touring show ''Brazouka'', choreographed by celebrated artist Arlene Phillips, was inspired by his life story.